Doubs Absinthe Gold Carte D’or 500ml 65%0


65% alc/vol  Product of France. Banned for many years, now a party favourite !

Very rare and no longer imported to South Africa Gold Carte D’or version….

Doubs Mystique Carte d’Or was awarded a very rare GOLD MEDAL and BEST IN CLASS – the only absinthe, out of dozens of entries, to be so honoured. The IWSC is the oldest, largest and most respected competition of its kind, and we’re thrilled to have received this immensely prestigious award.

Doubs Mystique Carte d’Or is distilled in small batches with painstaking care in the century old Egrot absinthe stills at the Pernot distillery in Pontarlier, the heart of historical absinthe country. Most of the herbs used, including the all important Grande Wormwood, are grown especially for us in the region, just as they were for Pernod Fils 100 years ago. Doubs Mystique has a classic absinthe character – powerfully herbal with delicious floral notes, a gorgeous green colour, a swirling louche, and a long lingering aftertaste.

This Gold Medal from the IWSC is further recognition of its quality, and fidelity to the highest traditions of historical absinthe.


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